Meet the Smiths

Here’s the Smith dogs A, B, C! And don’t forget D, so very wee! Birds of a feather in full flight, Here we go from left to right: Bondi behaves like a big wild boar, She’s also the mother of three and four. Willa seems small but inside she’s large, Don’t be fooled,...
The Smith Dogs

The Smith Dogs

The Smith dogs love to run every day, And sun or snow they swim in the spray. Eating crab legs and rolling in fish, Being splattered in mud is their everyday wish. Ask them what their heaven would be, They’d say right here in the Vancouver...

Vancouver Animal Hospital: Behavioural Changes

For pets undergoing treatment for moderate-to-severe behavioural problems, training alone is rarely enough to resolve an issue. It is a neurological fact that highly stressed animals cannot learn and respond to therapy as effectively as calmer, more rationally...
Proud Sponsor of Dunbar Little League

Proud Sponsor of Dunbar Little League

Our Vancouver Animal Hospital is a proud sponsor of the Dunbar Little League and one of our very own veterinarians has also done some assistant coaching for them in the past. We began sponsoring the Dunbar Little League in 2003 once we became familiar with the team....

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