Diagnostic Imaging

Radiology and Ultrasound

At Amherst we have full digital radiology and ultrasound capabilities which
ensure our ability to thoroughly evaluate the physical structure of your pet’sbody. These diagnostic modalities are pivotal in our ability to ascertain the source or cause of your pet’s ailment.


Digital radiographs can be used not only to diagnose orthopedic issues such as fractures, but also to diagnose problems within the abdominal and thoracic cavities.

Amherst has a state of the art digital radiology system. This allows radiographs (xrays) to be taken quickly, thus decreasing the amount of time your animal is kept in hospital. Each examination room contains a computer monitor to view the radiographs with you afterwards. This computerized system can also retrieve radiographs from past examinations to compare with current images to increase diagnostic capabilities.

Digital Radiographs can easily be burned onto a CD which allows you to take them home or to referral clinics if necessary.

To find out more about your pet's injuries please contact our Vancouver Vets.

Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasonography is quickly becoming an important aspect of veterinary diagnostic and therapeutic medicine. It allows us to see three-dimensional images of the organ systems. Ultrasound images can be used to diagnose diseases of all abdominal organs, as well as blood vessels and lymph nodes. We are currently able to perform complete abdominal ultrasounds on your pet.

To find out what is ailing your pet, it may need an ultrasound.

Once the images are taken by our veterinarians they are sent digitally to a team of specialized radiologists for further interpretation. Should you wish to view the ultrasound study the images are also loaded up onto our internal server from where they can be accessed and then reviewed with you in the examination room.

Our Vancouver animal clinic provides ultrasounds for cats and dogs.

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