This past Monday we held our second annual National Cupcake Day fundraiser for the SPCA and Humane societies. Our staff baked delicious cupcakes, enjoyed by humans and dogs, which were available by donation.

CUpcake day

The delicious spread of cupcakes

With your generous donations we raised over $500!

This event helped raise awareness and urgently-needed funds for animals that are abused, abandoned, neglected, or no longer wanted.


This past month BC saw two huge puppy mill seizures, the first in Langley, where 66 animals were rescued, and the second in Surrey, where 82 animals were seized. Our funds will be donated directly to the Langley and Surrey branches where the majority of the animals seized from the puppy mills are being cared for.

From all of us here at Amherst, thank you for your donations, we are so proud to help out a good cause.

mary cupcakeedit


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