I have been a Bull Terrier lover all my life. I like their uniqueness, the fact that they are the only dog on the planet to have triangle-shaped eyes. I like their overabundant affection that is known to bowl you over without notice. I love their personality; the “clown in a dog suit” mentality. I fell in love with a dog I had never seen in real life.

Back when I was 21 and had just bought my first home, I was in the Canadian Forces and my comrades decided I needed a friend. So they bought me a Bull Terrier I affectionately named Duncan. I gave him too much love and too much leeway but it was a good life. But three years later, on Remembrance Day, I returned home after an emotional day and Duncan had a massive seizure and died in my arms. The devastation that always comes with losing a pet was completely debilitating. I knew my life would always have a bully in it.

Hence my surprise in 2012 when I came to Amherst Veterinary Hospital with baby Pot Roast cuddled in my arms, in search of a vet. And the surprise wasn’t in the purchase of a puppy with my husband, Joe, but in my voracious hatred for this adorable animal that was making my home life total chaos, resulting in me begging Joe to let us give him back to the breeder. I work from home as a writer and editor but work seemed to be off the table as Pot Roast had other adventures in mind, which usually involved bodily assault on yours truly. When my husband returned home from work I was like a desperate new mom, begging him to entertain the puppy so I could sleep, eat, anything without having to pry Roast’s little anvil head between me and whatever I was doing. “Why does no one ever tell you puppies are THIS hard?” I cried. My statement fell on deaf ears.


Baby Pot Roast

One night I collapsed in a heap of despair on the couch. I was tired. Irritated. Pot Roast glared from across the room, beady eyes assessing and determining his next strike. He waddled over, rotund belly swishing back and forth, crawled up my leg and fell asleep on my chest.

That’s how I fell in love.

Kelly S. Thompson (Pot Roast’s Doggy Momma)

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