This regal looking fella is Flynn. We first met Flynn in 2005, when he was brought in for his initial check up after being rescued from a shelter. At this time it was estimated that he was about 6 or 7 years old.

Currently, Flynn shares his home with Smudge, a 10 year old Beagle Cross, and Flynn’s best friend; the two are inseparable. Everyday Flynn asks his buddy Smudge to groom him after dinner, which Smudge does adoringly. Flynn is a very social guy, he loves chatting with anyone and everyone who visits. He’s happy to jump into anyones lap for a cuddle and a conversation.


Flynn’s nightly bath

Over the years Flynn has visited us for his annual exams and vaccines, dental cleanings, abscess repairs, and the odd eye infection –the usual ailments of an active, outdoor cat.


The inseparable duo.


Best Friends


In 2012, Flynn was diagnosed with kidney disease and hyperthyroidism (both common diseases in senior cats). Hyperthyroidism is caused by a benign growth on the thyroid gland, which causes the over production of the thyroid hormone (T4). The hallmark sign of hyperthyroidism is weight loss despite excellent appetite. Flynn was started on medication to treat this disease called Methimazole, which inhibits T4 production. He was also started on subcutaneous fluids once a week to manage his kidney disease. Ensuring optimal hydration is the single most important aspect of kidney failure treatment.


Enjoying the sun.



And so, over the last few years Flynn’s diseases have been very well managed with a small pill twice a day, subcutaneous fluids a few times a week (done at home by Flynn’s wonderful owner) and bloodwork every few months to ensure he is on the correct dose and the diseases are not progressing.

Flynn is now 18 years old; he doesn’t give in to age or illness and still leaps around quite happily, jumping to great heights for a spot to lie in the sun. Flynn is a testament to the fact that, although it may be scary or disheartening to learn that a pet has a disease, treatment can often be very manageable, non invasive, and can yield many more happy years with your beloved pet.


Flynn today



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