This beautiful senior girl is Molly. If you can believe it, she is 17 years old! The average life span for a Black Lab is 12-13 years and Molly has definitely surpassed that.

Molly Wong

Beautiful Molly is all smiles.

We first met Molly 6 years ago when she was a young 11 year old, already considered to be a senior. Over the last few years Molly’s visits to the clinic have been for her annual health exam and vaccines, the odd ear infection or sore paw from running too hard.

Molly Wong 2

Molly and her favorite thing in the entire world, FOOD!

Molly LOVES to run, you might even say it’s her favorite thing (besides food of course). Seeing Molly in all her running glory you would never guess that this girl is 17. In fact, meeting her in any situation you would have a hard time believing her age. Molly is an exceptionally healthy girl.

When Molly isn’t running like the wind at the park, or chowing down on some quality grub she enjoys snuggling up for a nap with her 20lb tuxedo cat Sly Stone.

Molly and sly

Having a cat nap with Sly Stone.

We love when Molly comes to visit. This girl is so full of energy and life; she in an incredible pooch to see in action and this weeks Senior Pet of the Week!

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