While there are plenty of store bought gifts you can get for your pets it’s much more fun to get the family involved in whipping up some homemade goodies for the furry members of your family. As an added bonus, it keeps the kids busy and gives them options to make presents for the family pets without having to spend money they probably don’t have.

Food treats are an easy option

For the cats in your life try some Salmon Oat Cat Treats

For the dog try this recipe from 12 Tomatoes

Boxed note: Peanut butter containing xylitol is dangerous for your pets. DON’T USE IT. For more information: http://www.preventivevet.com/dogs/is-peanut-butter-safe-for-dogs

To be on the safe side, get natural peanut butter or just make your own (very easy). Here’s a great little Youtube video showing a couple of kids making peanut butter .

Other ideas

Having an ugly sweater party? You don’t have to leave Fido out. Instructables.com has loads of easy project ideas the kids can tackle that can be made from old sweaters and socks you already have on hand. For example:

Upcycled Dog Sweater

Puppy Sweater from Recycled Socks

Alternatively, if you or your kids know how to knit or crochet there are plenty of free patterns for pet sweaters on line. Try Ravelry.com (it’s free to join and you can see completed projects from other members): http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/basic-knitted-dog-sweater

You can always do a quick search on Pinterest or, here are a couple of sites that have some easy ideas that kids can manage either on their own or with a little help.

For example, here are 20 things you can make for your pets:


The important part is the making and doing of things together over the holidays…your pets don’t care whether your gift comes from a fancy pet shop or your kitchen. Happy making!

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