The holidays are the perfect time of year to connect with family, and in our house, Pot Roast is the only family Joe and I have nearby. Being in the military, our parents and siblings live all over Canada, far from Vancouver, so we never forget our favourite Bully when we’re buying presents for under the tree.

You’d think that buying a present for a dog would be a relatively easy process. If it’s edible, squeaks or rattles, Roast is interested. But as luck would have it, we’ve been given a dog that is allergic to everything under the sun and has jaws with the power equivalent of the Jaws of Life. Those cute Christmas cookie dog treats will have us up late in the night for unexpected Pot Roast bathroom breaks and that adorable stuffed reindeer will find itself shredded and ingested faster than Santa can zip up a chimney.


Pot Roast joining in on the decorating fun.

The holidays can be a dangerous time for pets, considering all the errant ribbons, easily stolen chocolates and well-intentioned kids leaving behind their new playthings. Joe and I liken Pot Roast’s toy destruction to a hungry python, in that he seems to open his mouth wide and swallow things whole…a lesson we’ve learned the hard way. One stuffed animal lost an entire leg to Roast’s material obsession, only to make a reappearance TWO WEEKS later, in one solid piece. He has eaten beds, pillows, toys, boots; all of which sit in his tummy for countless days before they manage to find a way through his guts. One day we won’t be so lucky and Pot Roast will require expensive surgery.

These days, Christmas presents for Pot Roast are carefully chosen. Too often, as overindulgent doggy parents, Joe and I bought countless gifts that put our dog at risk, only because we wanted to give him fun presents he would enjoy. So he now gets bones and tough, durable toys. And on Christmas day, Pot Roast is excited simply to be part of the action and to go for a Christmas walk in his favourite knitted sweater.

Happy Holidays from Pot Roast and family!

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