This week’s pets of the week are the handsome and adorable duo Tony and Pablo. These cute kittens belong to one of our lovely receptionists Leann!

A client of ours called the clinic one day inquiring about neutering two kittens his mom was fostering. Leann and the client got to chatting about how the kittens came to be and Leann expressed interest in adopting the brothers; and the rest they say is history.


Although Tony and Pablo look identical in almost every way they have very distinct personalities. Pablo is the real trouble maker of the two; he’s bolder than his brother and routinely steals Tony’s food. Although Pablo is very cheeky he does have a charming side and loves to cuddle. Tony is a bit more cautious but very sweet and affectionate. He loves cuddling with Pablo; they groom each other and are often found sleeping all curled up together.

Both cats are obsessed with water! They are fascinated by watching the toilet flush and love to sit on the side of the bathtub while someone is taking a bath. Together they steal sandwiches and chicken, run around the house like crazy; they are totally nuts and totally awesome. But as crazy as they might be, both cats are very laid back; they purr when Leann’s toddler carries them around the house like a cave man!


These two kittens are adorable and hilarious and that’s why they are this weeks pets of the week!

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