This adorable bundle of fluff is 12 week old Gracie! She is a beautiful little Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Gracie had her very first visit here at Amherst 3 days ago, where she received her wellness puppy exam, booster vaccines and routine dewormer.


Gracie, exploring the clinic.

Bernese Mountain Dogs were originally bred as working and companion animals in the Swiss Mountains. They are intelligent, friendly, good natured family dogs; often slow to mature, Berners act like puppies longer than other breeds.

Gracie was a curious little patient, she explored the clinic, even going to the back treatment area to visit the assistants and technicians. True to her breed, Gracie was a cheerful, goofy puppy.

It was such a pleasure to meet Gracie and her family; we look forward to more visits and cuddles. Welcome to Amherst Gracie!


Gracie was all smiles

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