Seeing Eye Dogs play such an important role in the lives of the blind. They are service animals devoted to their owners and spend the majority of their lives working hard to ensure their owner is always well protected. For some basic information on seeing eye dogs visit The Seeing Eye FAQ page here.

Here’s a great story about Eileen who has been a patient at Amherst Veterinary Hospital Vancouver, since 2003.

Eileen is a 15 year old yellow labrador who has worked as a Seeing Eye Dog for the last 13 years.  As it is now time for her to retire and hang up her harness, we were asked if we could help find her a new home where she could see out her time doing what every retiree should do – sleep, go for short walks and be spoiled rotten.

Enter a pair of guardian angels who have agreed to take her into their home and hearts, and allow her to be a normal dog with no responsibilities and no need to worry about anyone else but herself!  We know that her new family will quickly discover her delightful, ever present sense of humour and wonderfully sweet nature.  We wish Eileen a long and happy retirement – she truly deserves every minute of it!


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