This regal looking fellow is Tiger. Tiger is a 9 year old long haired tabby. He is one of the most laid back, cool cats we have met here at our Vancouver Veterinary Hospital. He loves having his chin scratched and is an extremely affectionate guy. Tiger’s most recent visit with us was not for any medical concerns, but to receive a Lion Shave.

A Lion shave is a fur style, usually given to long-haired cats, where the body is clipped short. The face and neck fur is left long to resemble a mane; the tail is clipped to only leave a “pom-pom” tip and the legs are usually clipped to the carpal or elbows, resulting in a sort of boot.

Although a cat with a lion shave looks very stylish, there are other reasons one might elect to give their long haired cat a shave. Because long haired cats require regular grooming, a lion shave can allow for easier maintenance, help to eliminate mats, reduce hair balls and can keep a cat cooler during hot summer months.

True to his character, Tiger sat like a champ for the duration of his grooming. In fact, he did not seem to be phased at all, he enjoyed being brushed and doted over. He left the clinic happy, with less fur and looking like a little lion!

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