Last week this sweet little girl Rowan, came to Amherst Veterinary Hospital to be spayed (ovariohysterectomy). These pictures of Rowan are from January when she joined her new family, she was just 8 weeks old. Rowan is a Lab Cross and she’s 5 months old now. Based on Rowan’s age, health and breed it was recommended that she be spayed at 5 months. It is recommended that you always have a discussion with your veterinarian regarding the right time to spay, based on these factors.

Rowan’s new family are long standing clients of Amherst Veterinary Hospital; she also has 2 cat sisters and a hamster brother!


Rowan, a sweet pup lazing in her Vancouver home.

While Rowan was spayed, she also had a microchip implanted. This is done by injecting the microchip into the skin between the upper shoulder blades. Because it is a slightly bigger injection, it’s nice to do this while your dog or cat is  under anesthesia. The microchip is then registered and kept on record both at Amherst Veterinary Hospital and in the national microchip bank. This microchip will identify Rowan and her owners if she were ever to get lost, which we hope never happens! The microchip is read by a special piece of equipment, which most veterinary hospitals keep on hand. If a vet offers microchip implants, they will have the equipment to read the microchip. Read our article on A Microchip is not a GPS, for more information.


You can see from these photos that Rowan is impossibly cute and likely spends a lot of her time sleeping since she is growing so quickly. What a sweetheart!


More of Rowan lazing the day away in Vancouver.


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