One of the perks of being a veterinarian is that I have the opportunity to get to know some very wonderful, animal loving people and to care for their very special pets. Because at Amherst Veterinary Hospital we have a large core of long term clients, there are many pets that we are able to see throughout their lives that we undoubtedly become fond of ourselves.

Kit is one such cat. She is 17 year old cat that had her first check up at our Vancouver clinic back in 1997. We have seen her over the years for various minor ailments. However over the last several years Kit has become a regular visitor to Amherst as she comes in every few months for a check up to assess her kidney disease and bladder issues. She also sees the veterinary technicians twice weekly to receive her subcutaneous fluids to support her kidney disease. Her owner is a lovely lady and Kit is the sweetest of cats.

This past February we received a tearful call from Kit’s owner to inform us that Kit had gone missing nine days earlier. Posters around the neighbourhood, notices at the SPCA and Craigslist did not yield any information. Believing a frail 17 year old cat could not survive away from home for such a long period, we all shed tears for dear Kit and felt her owner’s loss.

A week later we received another call from Kit’s owner. Kit had been found! She had shown up at a stranger’s house fifteen blocks from home. This lovely person took Kit in and searched for her owner. Only due to great perseverance to find the owner was this Good Samaritan able to reunite Kit with her owner. The following is the full story of Kit’s saga as told by her owner.

We will never know what Kit did those days away from home to survive but she sure is proof that cats really do have 9 lives.   Welcome home Kit!

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