You may remember Mary from when we first posted about her in May. Mary was surrendered to our clinic and initially put up for adoption. Over the last few months however, Mary has really made herself at home here at Amherst. Since Mary is so comfortable in the clinic and all of the staff have really fallen in love with her we decided to make Mary the official clinic cat of Amherst!

We have come to learn a lot about Mary since we first met her. Initially we thought Mary to be a reserved cat that would be most comfortable in a quiet environment with perhaps only one or two people around and no other animals, where she could spend her senior years relaxing and reigning in peace. But Mary is in fact just the opposite! Mary seems to thrive in the hustle and bustle of everyday clinic life. She is free to roam throughout the clinic during the day; she loves to hang out in the treatment area and watch over everyone while they work. Her favorite perch is on the chair in our lab, especially if there is already someone sitting there. If she wants to take a nap Mary will often resign for a snooze amongst the coats in the back closet or in her kennel. Miss Mary LOVES treats, she can often be found gazing up at the drawer where she knows we hide the treats; she is very willing to work for them, her favorite trick is “Sit Pretty.”

Mary hanging out with Dr. Beneke

Mary hanging out with Dr. Beneke

Mary is very chatty and expressive; she meows and chirps all day. She becomes especially vocal when its breakfast or dinner time, or when she has to go back into her kennel not by her own accord. She loves to be brushed and would sit for hours on end being stroked by a brush if afforded the luxury.

Mary does not seem to be bothered by or scared of any of the patients that come to the treatment area or stay with us to board. She’s touched noses with many of the animals that come to Amherst, visited the boarding animals in the boarding area and has shared blankets with some of staff pets that come to work!

Mary is still diabetic; however with careful diet restrictions we have been able to reduce her insulin dose drastically since she first arrived. We hope that Mary eventually will go into remission and not need any insulin at all. She is a brave girl for her shots twice a day, especially because she is often rewarded with a little treat.

Everyone here at Amherst has become very fond of Mary; she is the perfect clinic cat with her quirky personality and easy going demeanor. We all look forward to learning more about Mary and spending more time with her.

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