Elaine was finishing her 4th year pre-veterinary studies at UBC when she started volunteering with us at Amherst Veterinary Hospital. During her time here, Elaine has had the opportunity to assist with daily procedures such as Medical Acupuncture, cold laser, experience working in a multi-vet clinic, and watch routine surgeries such as spays, neuters and dentals.

Elaine was such a great asset, hard-working and energetic, that we decided to hire her on to our team. Soon after, Elaine was accepted into the Western Veterinary School of Medicine in Saskatchewan. We are sad to see Elaine go, however could not be more excited for her. Elaine will make a great Veterinarian and we wish her all the best – we are all very proud!

On her time here at Amherst Elaine says:

“Amherst is a great vet clinic. One of the great things about Amherst is that it is very newbie-friendly: there are instruction manuals and task lists for those who do not know their way around Amherst. It made my experience as a short term employee a lot more enriching as I was able to learn things quickly and rely on the books in case I forgot something.”

“Another important aspect that Amherst provides is extremely intelligent and outgoing staff members. Not only did I learn a lot from the technicians and veterinarians about veterinary medicine, but I also saw and got involved in many different cases that I hadn’t had the opportunity to see in other clinics. The staff encouraged learning, and as a student, that makes a big difference with regards to the quality of your experience at a vet clinic!”

“Lastly, I learned that all of the vets at Amherst clinic are special in that they had academic distinction, and it inspires me to work hard while in vet school as it can make a difference in job availability. At the same time, the Amherst vets stressed that the most important thing is to have fun – a valuable tip for the next four years as a veterinary student! In all, I loved my experience at Amherst and am so grateful I was able to be a part of the team. Thank you so much Amherst!”

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