Michelle Barbu

Veterinary Assistant
Mary Ann
Michelle was born and raised in New Westminster, BC but her family is from Romania. Michelle’s Mom was going to become a veterinarian, but since she fled the country and had to raise Michelle’s sister at the time, she never managed to finish her schooling to complete her veterinary training. 

Michelle is now following in her mother’s footsteps to finish the schooling she needs in order to become a veterinarian. Her desire for this goal comes from growing up with hamsters, cats and dogs. She also spent a lot of her free time walking or pet sitting her friends’ pets. 

It is her dream to help all the strays that she can around the world.  Michelle has currently applied at UBC Vancouver and Douglas College to work on her undergraduate/prerequisites for Veterinary School. 

She is extremely compassionate towards dogs and cats and focuses on what is best for them. Michelle chose this career because she loves animals and would do anything for them. 

Michelle spends her off-duty time going on nice long walks and travelling with family and friends.  

Michelle always has a smile on her face and brings much joy to her role as veterinary assistant at Amherst. We always appreciate her infectious laugh and open smile.  

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