Mary Ann

Animal Health Technician & Supervisor
Mary Ann

MaryAnn, also known as “Missy” is the longest standing employee at Amherst, and a vitally important member of the Amherst team. One of MaryAnn’s first loves and initial attractions to the animal world were horses and riding. She spent much of her youth in the saddle and with her hoofed friends. Her first experience in an animal hospital was in 1988 when she worked as an assistant. She graduated from Seneca College in King City, Ontario in 1992 with her degree in Animal Health Technology. Missy has worked extensively in various SPCA facilities. Upon graduation, she worked in the SPCA in Toronto, she gained some experience as a Wildlife Technician in the SPCA, and also spent some time in the Vancouver SPCA.

She joined Amherst in 1994 and has remained an exceptionally passionate and loyal caregiver to this hospital’s patients ever since. In addition, MaryAnn occasionally provides relief work at the Vancouver Animal Emergency clinic in order to gain experience in medical emergency situations. She enjoys the nursing aspect of being an Animal Health Technician and her particular areas of medical interest are anaesthesia and pain management. Despite her devotion to her work, MaryAnn takes time to go snowboarding and hiking in the beautiful mountains and wilderness around Vancouver. Her family includes husband Avi whom she wed in 2000, and her two wonderful twins, Maya and Nathan, born in 2002. Missy’s house is also home to Shadow “the best black dog ever” a claim which may be contested by other black dog owners. MaryAnn would like to add that she loves Amherst and that this hospital “provides excellent medical care.”

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