Amherst is very fortunate to have added Kathie Robinson as Hospital Manager in April 2010. She brings 15 years of management experience to her role as Hospital Manager, two of those years as Human Resources Manager for a large multi-doctor Veterinary practice. Unique in her strong people skills is her informed and insightful knowledge of the Veterinary world. Her ready smile and clear direction make Kathie a pivotal leader in the management team. Always available to embrace your concerns or querieis, she welcomes contact with all our cients. Kathie is a native of North Vancouver and after marrying moved to the Fraser Valley for twenty years where she raised her family and then eventually settled in Steveston in 1998. She is married and she and husband Cal have five children, and four grandchildren between them. In adddition to this large family, they have two beatufiul dogs, Maggie and Maxine. With the exception of the fuzzy children, Kathie and Cal are happy empty nesters.

Having two dogs means spending a lot of time outdoors. The dyke system in Richmond provides plenty of walking and cycling opportunities. Kathie and Cal also regularly travel upcountry to ride horseback and relax with good friends. Kathie has always been a little animal crazy but Cal draws the line at having any more than two fuzzy children who are more important than he is. Of her experience so far at Amherst she says “I love it here. This my dream job. These are an amazing team of people; they are welcoming, flexible and knowledgeable. I so much appreciate the level of medicine that is practiced here. Armida and Grant are fabulous to work for and with!”

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