Dr. Grant Cumberbirch

Holly grew up in Dublin, Ireland. She has always loved animals; dogs in particular. And unfortunately had to leave her canine buddy ‘Ralph’ who is a 3 year old lab/boxer cross, back with her family. One day she hopes to move him here to Vancouver.

Holly spent her summers as a child with her family in the countryside, on different farms and where she was exposed to many different animals. If she was outside, she was always happy. Holly always loved going on holiday, and visit different countries. She always knew she want to one day live in Canada.

Holly’s past work experience has put her into different administrative and customer service roles. She also has a passion for children and spent several summers working with children at summer camps in the U.S.A.

Because of her love for animals she has joined the Amherst team where she can make good use of her customer service experience and be with the animals she so loves. Learning about veterinary medicine has been a great enhancement to her skill set. We are fortunate that Hollys years of experience and passion for animals has brought her to Vancouver and to our Amherst team.  She is very dedicated and welcomes clients and their pets who visit our hospital. 

When Holly is not working, she spends her time outdoors; camping, days on the lake and hiking. In the winter skiing is one of her favourite activities.

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