Emily and her beautiful Siberian Husky are a lovely addition to the Amherst team. 

Emily comes from a small town in Ontario. She loves all animals and grew up with a golden retriever called Parker. 

Emily enjoys providing client care, especially in the veterinary setting. She enjoys working with the public. Helping people and animals live their best lives.  It is important to her that dogs are part of her work environment! She has experience working as a veterinary receptionist in Ottawa and also spent time working at the Ottawa humane society. 

Emily has a degree in microbiology and it is a big passion of hers. She worked in a microbiology lab and found it fascinating. Emily would like to continue to work in an animal related area where she can apply her degree in the future. 

Emily loves hiking, camping, white water canoeing, photography, beer and anything outdoors! She loves adventures with her beautiful husky. Sky is the best adventure buddy!

We love how calm and compassionate Emily is and we know you will love her too!

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