AHT Assistant

Meet Cathy! Cathy is a lovely, quiet young woman who brings a positive attitude to her work. She enjoys learning different and new techniques/approaches in her veterinary life. Cathy has worked in two other veterinary clinics and has been a volunteer with the Wildlife Rescue Association. Her areas of interest are wildlife rehabilitation and animal behavior.

Cathy emigrated to Canada from Taiwan when she was just three years old. Cathy’s family settled in Coquitlam with Cathy and her brother and sister and they still reside there. After graduation, Cathy attended Douglas College and completed the Veterinary Office Assistant Program. All Cathy has ever wanted to do is work with animals. She grew up with a variety of pets in her family. Her first love was the family’s golden retriever. She’s no longer with them, but one day Cathy is hoping to have another dog as wonderful as she was. Cathy shared her dog with her brother and sister and grew up sharing everything! Coincidentally Cathy also shares her birthday with both her brother and her sister. Yes! She is a triplet.

When Cathy’s not working or volunteering somewhere she is busy paddling away as a member of a competitive dragon boat team from the False Creek Racing Canoe Club. She is also an avid reader, so Cathy is obviously someone who keeps herself very busy!

Cathy’s long term goal is to study to be a veterinary technician and continue working in a field related to animals. Cathy says “Amherst is a wonderful place – everyone offers the best care they can give to every patient that comes in and gives them lots of affection!”

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